Local Goverment

BTTG provides consulting and programming services for local governments including public safety, land records management and property assessment, land use planning, engineering, and property management. our professional service group offers professional services to local governments about transportation, water/wastewater, environmental, and public utilities. The group's areas of expertise are geographyfgeographic information systems, system implementation planning and design, feasibility assessment, land use planning. The local government services group offers GIS solutions for all departments of local government entities. our specialists` experience ensures you of a successful GIS and RS solution that meets your current needs. The following are examples ofthe kinds of GIS and RS services the group can provide.

  • Land Records (parcel mapping, property assessment)
  • Land Use Planning and Zoning [general planning, zoning mapping, mapping and analysis)
  • Engineering (flood mapping and analysis, subdivision review flot mapping)
  • Public Safeg (Emergency-natural disaster preparedness planning, emergency response routing)
The professional staff of the local government services group work with the software that are highly accepted in the world and Turkey, and they produce integrated solutions for our clients.


Our environmental services team was formed to establish an excellent center for the implementation of GIS and RS tools and methodologies for assessing, monitoring, and managing the natural elements of the environment. The team has a strong background in the natural and environmental sciences and a practical understanding of the problems inherent in the collection and integration of large amounts of complex data. BTTG Environmental Services Team has following expertise; field data collection for life and earth sciences, photo interpretation and remote sensing, database analysis and design, applications programming, database development, photogrammetry, and GPS survey. Environmental problem solving often requires a team approach including specialists from diverse disciplines. BTTG Environmental Service Team can organize and manage total project solutions. The services supplied by the group are below.

  • Vegetation mapping
  • Collections and herbarium management
  • Monitoring sea pollution of coastal areas
  • Coastal zone management
  • Strategic environmental databases
  • Environmental sensitivity index mapping
  • Ecosystem status and trends
  • Wetlands management


Turkey is unique for its historical and natural beauty. In such a country, one of the most important application areas of GIS and RS is the tourism. Digital maps that show location and accessibility of the tourism enterprises can be produced by using GIS. These kinds of maps can also be linked photos and videos to enhance their meanings. Not only the maps but also a detailed database can be created in GIS environment. An established tourism database created in this way can be presented by interactive internet maps for all kinds of users. BTTG gives the following services in this area.

  • Tourism database establishment in enterprises basis
  • Presentation of digital database in interactive web pages
  • Monitoring tourism enterprises and up dating their database
  • Determining potential tourism sites by using field and remotely sensed data
  • Determining potential skiing areas by monitoring snow cover
  • Determining potential mountain climbing and tracking routes
  • Determining rafting areas