Forestry and Land Management

The goal ofthe Forestry and Land Management Services team is to make the people working in these areas more effective by providing them with GIS methods and solutions. The team provides consulting and programming services in the following areas: land management planning and history, forest resource planning and history, integration with relational database management sistems. We give these services through a series of steps including functional reguirements definition, database design, applications prototvping, and svstem design and development. BTTG presents GIS solutions for both government and commercial organizations in forestry.Some ofthe specific areas include the followings

  • Monitoring forest areas
  • Biodiversity mapping forest land
  • Land management, forest ecosystem protection
  • Watershed management
BTTG continuously searches for better ways in which to meet our clients' needs, and develops new GIS methodological and technological solutions. Some of the tools we have developed are
  • Area event historical database system for forest management
  • Management for ecosystems (ME)


BTTG offers a series of services in this important area. Our Agriculture Services Team includes experts in several disciplines such as agriculture, soil science, GIS and RS. The team is unique to offer following services.

  • Precision farming
  • Determining damaged agricultural areas by natural disasters
  • Monitoring plant diseases and pests
  • Developing early warning systems
  • Agricultural land use mapping
  • Determining agro-ecological zones
  • Rangeland/grassland monitoring
  • Determining specific crop areas and yield prediction
  • Agricultural land use planning and management

Mining- Energy- Public Works

BTTG gives consultancy services using GIS, remote sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS) techniques. These services are as follows;

  • Determination of potential mining areas
  • Determination of surface geology
  • Mapping and feasibility (road, planning of infrastructures)
  • Digging and land filling calculations
  • Before construction of major infrastructures such as dam, highway, railway, airport,  energy transfer lines, irrigation canals, pipe lines; determination of possible route/locations, and optimum route selection to minimize effects to the forests, agricultural areas etc.