Consultancy,Design ve Project Services

Consultancy services include project design for GIS and remote sensing applications and database design for the project. Our services in this area can be summarized as; introductorv GIS services, and svstem-database-application design.

lntroductory GIS Services are the consultancv services for hardware, software, database, and application programs to implement GIS technology.

System, Database, and Application Design Services consist of svstem design, engineering, conceptual and phvsical database design, and hardware configuration.

Database Establishment Services

Establishment of a reliahle database is necessary for succesfull GIS applications. Within this context, BTTG offers data collection, data interpretation, data transformation and integration services. Our database services include design and automation of data for GIS applications and transferring this data into other data types.

Cartographic Services

With expertise that includes standard and customized data capture techniques, our Cartographic Services group is well eguipped to provide our clients with digital cartographic data that extend the usefulness of existing tabular and hardcopy cartographic data. BTTG experienced mapping team gives the following cartographic services.

  • Manual or automated data collection
  • Design and development of digital cartographic data production systems/li>
  • Consultang for data collection and production of digital mapping gstems
  • Data transformation (raster to vector)
  • Interactive map display
  • Interactive internet map applications
  • Transferring of map data with handheld devices

Satellite Image Supply and Analysis of Satellite Images

BTTG gives several services for determination of necessarv satellite images, supplying and analysing of these images through projects. These services include :

  • Collecting of coordinated ground data (GPS Surveys)
  • Combining of satellite data with ground data
  • Supervised and unsupervised image processing, and ground truthing